Get Involved

The AusGeol project welcomes contributions of imagery and visualisations from all geoscientists. 

If you would like to become involved in the project, please contact Michael Roach ( Please make the subject of your email 'AusGeol' and explain how you would like to help. We can then provide you with a link to a Google Drive location where you can upload imagery and/or completed visualisations.

If raw imagery is provided then it will be processed by AusGeol staff to generate visualisations that will be uploaded to the AusGeol database for free access by all users. Depending on the backlog of processing, it may take a while for the visualisation to appear on the website. We will only process imagery that is provided free of any caveats on usage and which can be freely distributed - we will not process imagery for commercial purposes. 

Guidelines to assist in the acquisition of digital photography are provided on the Visualisation tab (Visualisations) and in a PDF file: Photography Guidelines.



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